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Saturday, July 21, 2012

AntI ProRAT 2.5

Jika komputer anda terkena virus prorat gunakan software ini untuk memperbaiki nya
AntI ProRAT 2.5
Salah satu contoh terinfeksi prorat : Tidak bisa mengaktifkan windows firewall

How to make a trojan undetectable

Many of the friends may be knowing to create a Trojan virus but the main parts that comes to picture to make it undetectable or FUD.There are many ways that allow you make a Trojan virus undetectable and allow you to run/inject into victim's computer.
Here i am posting few of them and most popular as well as working method.

Hex Editing to make Trojans Undetectable:-Basic Guide

You may not be knowing what is hex editing here is the details.Many of you may know other ways of hiding virus too like using public cyptors which I will be posting soon here on DARKSITE. Many of you also asked that how to hide a Trojan or your created server in key loggers so that the antivirus of the victim may not identify the virus and he may not get warned.Here is the tutorial that explain how the hackers make Trojan Undetectable and how can you be fooled by hackers too as they may fool your antivirus, So, its necessary that you should have this knowledge as the view of security.

What is Hex editing?

Auto Like Facebook 2012

 Pertama anda harus punya browser mozilla firefox dulu
 Download Mozilla Terbaru
 Setelah itu, anda harus instal add ons Grease Monkey
 Download Grease Monkey
 klik add to firefox, tunggu prosesnya lalu klik instal
 setelah itu tutup llalu buka lagi firefox anda (restart)
 lalu klik di bawah ini untuk download scriptnya...
 Download Script
 Tunggu 3 detik, lalu klik install
 ok, selesai, coba buka facebook
 menu like akan muncul di sebelah kiri browser anda

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Collection of best tools to perform email bombing on email account

An e-mail bombing is the technique of sending of a massive amount of e-mail to a specific person or system.may be lakhs of e-mail at a go. A huge amount of mail may simply fill up the recipient's disk space on the server or, in some cases, may be too much for a server to handle and may cause the server to stop functioning. In the past, mail bombs have been used to "punish" Internet users who have been egregious violators of netiquette (for example, people using e-mail for undesired advertising, or spam).

FBI Inspection Tool worlds most Wanted Software

This a pack of system tools which are used by FBI to analyse and inspect other computers. These must be used only educational purpose, please don't misuse the tools.
These tools are worlds most wanted software now its for free...
these tool is being used by FBI For performing computer forensics activity.

Tools that are included in this pack are:

ADS Locator (Alternate Data Streams)
Historian 1.4 (Browser Analyze)
Disc Investigator 1.4 (File-Slack-Analyze)
Live View 0.6 (System Analyze)
MUI Cacheview 1.00 (Registry Analyze)
Network miner 0.85 (Network A
Regripper 2.02 (Registry Analyze)
System report 2.54 (PC Analyze)
USB-History R1 (USB-Stick-Analyze)
Windows File Analyzer (File Analyze)
Winpcap 4.02 (Network)

Now comes the download link part download it from link below.

FBI Internet Tool

Torrent download link

Best Browser for hacking with inbuilt feature of hacking

Hello friends today i am posting an article on hackers web Browser with built in features for hackers.
"OWASP Mantra Browser for security Framework for penetration testers"

So lets discuss what is this. Mantra Browser is a most Recommended Browser for hackers and penetration Testers. It includes security framework which can be very useful to scan various web servers or websites for different attacks like sql injection and XSS attacks.

Hack Windows Connected Telnet Server

Hack Windows Connected Telnet Server : Video Tutorial

Listen to this article. Powered by Well this is a nice tutorial on Hacking Windows server and gaining full acsess [r00t]
and connect by Telnet to Login in Dos server windows .

Download This Video Tutorial From Below(click On The Download Box):

Tutorial by T3es

Keylogger For Hacker

1] Emisarry Keylogger :- A small and easy to use keylogger for hackers .
download link :-

2]Rin Logger :- It has many features like Homepage changer , Colorised Key strokes , website viewer , file binder , Password stealer and many more.
Download link :-

3] Refog Keylogger :- One of the best remote keylogger.
Download link :-

4] Adramax v3.8.9 cracked :- Adramax it is also one of the famous remote keylogger
Download link :-
These are the best and awesome keyloggers for hacking and also for email accounts hacking.

Damn Vulnerable Web Application

Here is a very few known tool but very handy to use DVNA

DVNA Damn Vulnerable Web Application ,it is a collection of website hacking tool based on PHP / mySQL.
Previously i have posted huge number of hacking tools .
DVNA is one of the best option for beginners who wants to learn learn web hacking techniques from scratch.
although i have posted many hacking technique that i know but the beginners can also try this .
Various techniques web hacking attacks can be obtained from this tool.
Besides easy to use, lightweight and complete, DVWA run through a local server (localhost) using WAMP / XAMP / LAMP and others.

DVNA include some web hacking tools such as :

- SQL Injection
- XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
- LFI (Local File Inclusion)
- RFI (Remote File Inclusion)
- Command Execution
- Upload Script
- Login Brute Force

All in One
Download Here

Sunday, July 15, 2012

TuneUp Utilities 2012 Serial Key

*Disable Auto Update
Name : Hacker Criminal
Organization : Hacker Criminal
Serial Key :  3X0VYM-YMA8N1-T716V6-WJ1X9N-A2T630-JT006M