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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fud Remote Keylogger

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Keylogging is the process of creating server keylogger and then sending this server.exe file to the victim. Once the keylogger server is installed on victim computer, all text and passwords typed on his computer are sent to you in your email inbox by this server created using keylogger. So, you get his typed passwords and thus can easily hack his email password.

This Keylogger is newest release and is undectable from any antivirus in the world currently, So just take the benefit as soon as possible..

• 100% FUD 
• Icon Changer
• Use Any SMTP Server You Like
• Encrypt Your E-Mail Information
• Add To Start Up
• Disable Task Manager
• Block AV Sites
• Delete Cookies
• Force Steam Login

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File Information :-

Name :- Grieve_Logger_Public_V1 by Hackerh2
Size :- 1.5 Mb
Note :- Open Rar File and just extract folder to desktop otherwise it will not works !!

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